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API Manager

API Manager

API manager

Our API management solution can gaurantee that we can create both the public and internal APIs which are consumable and secure.

Our API management solutions allow users to perform the following tasks:

API design - API management solutions provide users - from developers to partners - the ability to design, publish and deploy APIs as well as record documentation, security policies, descriptions, usage limits, runtime capabilities and other relevant information.

API Gateway - API management solutions also serve as an API gateway, which acts as a gatekeeper for all APIs by enforcing relevant API security policies and requests and also guarantees authorization and security.

API Store - API management solutions provide users with the ability to keep their APIs in a store or catalog where they can expose them to internal and/or external stakeholders. This API "store" then serves as a marketplace for APIs, where users can subscribe to APIs, obtain support from users and the community and so on.

API Analytics - API management allow users to monitor API usage, load, transaction logs, historical data and other metrics that better inform the status as well as the success of the APIs available.

The Complete solution of Vaayuja API Manager Solution eliminates the entire cascading problem Structure All the process accrue in a cascading way starting with Semi Automated process of interlinking data emanating from multiple sources This leads to incomplete system landscape as system`s don't talk to each other such a scenario affects the organization in an adverse way as all the data though present is locked in information silos, Leading to low visibility and limited reach to data hampering informed decisions. The potential to leverage data in real time is hampered leading to organization processing, limited potential for real time decision making.