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When we think of education, it is a nostalgic tour into the past and generally filled with a sense of achievement. All that joy of learning came with no costs attached or the digital overload . Education as an industry has come a long way from being a mere knowledge imparting hub to a smart classroom where every mundane task needs to be streamlined to get around the complexities of digital learning systems. Irony of the situation is that it is getting more complicated with more digital aids sneaking their way into it and turning obsolete in a short span of time. This dilemma remains even more relevant for educational institutions where they have to manage a huge system which caters to hundreds of students. With parental anxiety only soaring with ever increasing competition, it has become imperative that they be taken onto board and that too at their convenience. To make the job easy, software products that are designed to suit the particular needs of an educational institute that they can rely on, are the need of the hour.

At Vaayuja you can have the freedom to impose your whims on our designers, to take home a product that fits into your scheme of things. VGrow, a product developed for comprehensive management of corporate educational institutions, is a case in point. A centralized software that brings all the stakeholders like students, teachers, parents, management, vendors, all onto one platform where they can monitor the progress in their respective domain in a secure environment. The product is very flexible that it meets the needs of students from KinderGarten to Post Graduation.


Unique Student ID for every student is generated with all their data to the last detail uploaded onto the cloud with lifetime accessibility.

Parent/Teacher Login Dashboard

Customized dashboards as per individual requirement.


Easy and quick payroll generation according to biometric attendance of staff

Administration management

Role-based access allows safe access to data without compromising on its security. It has a complete solution for easy time table management, scheduling of exams and student mapping to facilitate smooth implementation of exams

Curriculum Management

Unique LMS (Learning Management System) with fully coordinated lesson-plans, assignments, module wise online content, QR code for answer sheets, E-service books for attendance, marks, grade performance of students.

Inventory and Procurement

Generation of quotations, availability of vendor's details, sale of items, student wise distribution details, and payment vouchers can be tracked online to ensure complete transparency.

Report Centre

Reporting child's progress, a dashboard of their performance, day to day activities, progress report card generation, and school calendar.

Fee and Payment

: Availability of details of day-wise, month-wise, term wise fee collected in graphical representation.

   S.No Module Feature Descriptions of EMS of Vgrow
    1 Dashboard Digital dashboard can be customised as per the client request
    2 Access Permissions Permissions as per the roles can be created as followed by license holder
    3 Login 1. Super Admin Login - Can view data of more then one branches with one login
2. Super Admin Login - Statistics of all branhces Students,Staff,Student Staff Attendance
3. Login Data userwise
    4 Login Audit No of users logged in,IP Address Tracking,Down load IP Address
    5 Master/Configure Master can create current academic year, location wise branches and campuses.
 1. In campus configuration - we can created a virtual view of blocks, buildings, floors, room tyoes and inventory in each space.
2. In Class configuratin - We can maps sections, languages, subjects and class subjects.
3. In Fees Confirguration - Classified two types - Class Fee & Other Fee Types.
4. In Notifications - Regular circulars from different departments can be configured.
5. Medical Camp - Occassional Medical Health Check Ups can be tracked of each child.
6. VIP Visits - Anniversaries, Fest, Public Holidays, Seminars and workshops can be tracked.
7. Alerts - Parent Alerts, SMS Status, Email Status, and Circular Alerts
8. ID Card Generation - Auto ID Card Generation for Students, Parent and employees.
9. Payment  Vocuhers - Day to Day expenses can be tracked.

Configuration of each branch as per open area, constructed area, no. of floors, no. of blocks in each floor, room allocation along with mapping of the entire inventory and infrastructure present in the class like digi boards, benches, lights, fans, etc
    6 Request Department wise requests can be tracked and will be assigned to concerned people, departments, etc. Full tracking and visibility is available. Parents can raise a ticket and inform school on different requirements like student health, early pick up, late drop, etc
    7 Employees Employees database can be created and editable profile & Pic etc., - Verify Users, Internal Transfers, Appraisals, Basic Profile and contract information can tracked and stored.
Note: User can be made inactive once he is out of his service but the complete profile of the employee will be in the system.
    8 Payroll Payroll generation according to Biometric attendance of Staff.
1. Bank Master of the institution can be created - This feature allows user to add bank details by mentioning branch name, IFSC code, and MICR code
2. Any advance or loans  to employees will be tracked and the no.of installments also tracked. - This feature allows users to add advance paid details to staff by mentioning Advance amount, reason, payment date, Number of installments, and balance amount
3. Salary Master - This feature allows users to define salary structure for CTC by mentioning Basic HRA, Convenience allowance medical allowance, production incentives, special allowance, PF employee, Pf employer, TDS and professional taxes
4. Generate Payroll - Cash or Cheque payments will be tracked. Once you click on generate payroll automatically payslip will go as an attachment to employee email id. This feature allows user to generate pay slips for staff by selecting month and designation
    9 Students 1. Student Enquires - Related to payments, counselling will be taken care off. Each and every enquiry is tagged with a particular enquiry number.
2. Student Information -
     1. Complete Student Profile - Editable Personal Info, Editable Admissions, Concessions Given, Fee Payment details, Health Check Up & History, Hostel Room,
    Progress Card.
    2.QR Code - On same QR Code five cards - Parents, Student, Guardians.
    3. Basic Information - Students Bulk Uploads as per the master excel sheet given in the platform.
    4. Place Supply Order - Books, Stationary, Clothes, etc.,
    5. Transport Facility
    6. Food Request - Admin Approvals
3. Student RFID - To identify student at the campus based on Geo - Location triangulation.
4. Student Promotion - Promotion to current year to next year based on performance, remarks, if any.
5. Student Incidents - Nature of Incident, Date of Incident and Actions Taken.
6. Health Info - Student wise health check up on regular intervals like Weight, Height, and  other medical parameters will be captured and reported.
7. Parent Feedback - This mechanism will tracks all kind of feedbacks about school, teachers or subjects. It could be anything like transport, food, hostel, sports, etc..,
8. Reports
     1. Student Life Cycle Report
     2. Student Follow Up Report
     3. Student Counselling Report
     4. Student Log Report
    5. Student Activity Report
9. Transfers - Generation of Transfer Certificates.
    10 Exams Module 1. Exams - Create Exam - Description and type of exam, Minimum & Maximum Marks
2. Sub Exams - Unit Tests - Sub Exam Name and Marks
3. Grade - Grade and Percentage Mapping
4. Class Wise Exams - Timetable mapping to certain class, Where it is going get conducted, duration and etc., will be mapped.
5. Exam Schedules - Timetable for all classes
6. Post Marks - Class wise and student wise marks list will be generated after the correction of papers.Totalling, Ranking, Grading and will give complete progress report as per the template approved by the management.
7. Invigilator - This feature allows user to allot exam invigilation to staff by mentioning block name floor name, room name, exam name, and exam timing
8. Student Allotments - Assigning and mapping of students - Campus, class and section wise. Global allotment - like public exams - we can map students and invigilators to different campus, classes and section wise mapping can be done through this system.
This feature allows user to allotting a exam room to students by mentioning block name floor name, room name, exam name, and exam timing

    11 Tutor Module 1. Subect Chapters - Teachers can upload all chapter & sub chapter wise to the platform by excel uploads.
2. Lessons - Each chapter and the lessons will be mapped as per the school - class curriculum.
3. Plan- Lesson Plans will be devised as per class-section wise and mapped to the exam type.
4. Tutor Plan - Teachers will work as per chapter - lesson - period wise with the pre-planned timetable.
5. Daily Tutor Plan - Tutor Plan Name, Teaching Date, Topic Covered, Assignment, Materials, Process followed.
6. Assignment details - Tutor Plan, Assignements, Assignement Date & End Date and description of the assignment.
7. Student Assigment - Student Name, Assignment, Assignment Status and Assignment Date.
8. Topics - Topics covered by Video and Lesson Topics List.
9. General Videos - Videos related to curriculum subjects can be uploaded by teachers on prior approvals. 
    12 Leave Management 1. Leave Types: All kind of leaves can be configured
2. Leave Allotments - Designation wise leaves alloted - type of leaves, no. of leaves, Holidays etc..,
3. Leave Application - Desingation wise leave application, leave types with from date to date.
4. Student Leaves - Student Unique Student Identification (USID) - Subject, Leave description, from date to date.
    13 Timetables This modules talks about entire curriculum timetables schedules for each class-section-period wise as decided by the HOD.
1. Time Table - Rescheuled or any postponements  or suspended can be captured here
2. Staff Attendance / Student Attendance - Manual and automated attendance like Bio-Metric, Smart Card and RFID as per the management request can be integrated into the system.
3. Attendance Report - Staff and Student Reports will be generated for period wise on a daily basis.
4.Daily Diary - Campus, Class, Section, Date, Subject Wise - Home/Class work and activity will be recorded.
5. Dropout Students - System generate red flags if anybody in the class didn't attend the  class if not reported earlier.
6. Special Student Dairy - Special Category students will be identified who requires more attention on different aspects.
7. Mentor Calls - If any parent wanted to speak with the  class teacher or any concern person in the institution - they need to  take a pre-appointment which provide the time of the availability of the concern person.
8. Newsletter - Weekly, Monthly or Quaterly Newsletters can be shared to Management and Parents.
LMS Interation Capabilites are enabled.
    14 Transport 1. Vehicle Information - Full Vehicle Information - Assigned Driver with Driver Documents. Each Vehicle will be tagged with QR Code with full vehicle details.
2. Route - All routes are mapped geographically with pick up and drop places along with the timings.
3.Bus Mapping - No.of. Stops, No. of . Students along with Pick-Up and Drop timings.
4. Student Conveyance - Student basic info along with their route chosed for Pick-Up and Drop also includes the distance and fees.
5. Alerts - SMS Alerts will go to parents with gps tracking of the bus. Parents can see in Parent app where the bus is currently. Alerts for end date vehicle Insurance and Road Tax etc
6. Driver Health Monitoring- Breathe Analyzer and Body Temperature report.
7. Trip timings - Scheduled or Change in Trip timings will be intimated to parents.
8. Transport Slab - Route Wise - Distance Wise - Transport Fee Mappings.
9. Approval List - Student, Father Name, Mobile, Permanent Addess, Route Name, Class, Section and Approved status.
10. Student Trip Attedance - Class, Section, Student Name, Cross Board, Bus Number, Route Name, Stop Name, Trip Time, Area, QR Code Scan for each student boarded the bus.
11. Vehicle Trip Attendance - Driver Name, Registration Number, Bus Route Number and Name, Latitude & Logitutde, Speed, Clearner Name and Ayyamma Name will be captured on a daily basis.
12. Vehicle In & Out - Driver Name, Registration No, Bus Route and No, Type - Empty or Occupied, Ayyamma and Clearner Names will be captured.
13. Reports - Driver Name, Ayyamma Name, Bus No, Total Boarded, Total Dropped and Date of Transport.
14. Boarding Report - Campus Name, Class Name, Section, Student Name, Crossboard, Bus, Route Number, Created on.
15. Staff Conveyance - Staff Name, Pick-Up Route Name, Pick-Up Stop Name, Drop Stop Name, Type - Pick-Up/Drop.

Graphical Representation of Transport feature like No of Students availing transprt,Route wise report,Class wise Students availing Transport.
Individual Vehicle Maintanance cost report
Vehicle Inspection-Check Air,Oil levels,Brakes
Transport Monthly Report-vehicle Maintanance and Costing.
Bus wise staff details-Staff report who are boarding in buses.
Add Bulk Students to Transport facility with Route,Stop and Bus no-New Requirements
    15 Fees  1. Mode of Payment graphical representation
2. Month wise, Daywise, Term wise fees collectio
    16 Library  1. Books - Can add books of all types using this platform with Barcode scan. This module contains Bulk Upload, View By Barcode and QR Code also, Inactive of book record if lost, Edit book details any time, View Book, Generate New Book Additions to the plaform, Issue Books will track number of books in a given period and alerts will flag if the book is not returned in time. Arrangement of books can done by tracking Shelf Name, Rack Wise, Department Wise.
2. Book Issue - Book Name, Book Title, Issued Date, Issued to, Desgination, Issue Returned.
3. Fines - Tracking of books issue and returns, fine collected if returned late. Fines charged for any particular disciplinary action.
4. Reserved Books - Student and staff can reserve any particular book based on availability and can opt for it. Staff & Students can login to reserve any book they need.
    17 Hostel 1. Hostel Students - This feature allows user to view number of students conveyed hostel facility at time of admission by viewing campus name, block name, floor name, and room name.
2. Hostel Visitors - This feature allows user to add visitors belong to hostel student by mentioning visitor name, visitor in time visitor out time and relation to student.
3. Outing Details - This feature allows user to add outing details of hostel students by mentioning outing out time outing in time. Outing purpose, expected in time and reason for late coming
4. Complaints - All complaints, related to hostel facilities, mess, playing materials will be tracked.
5. Hostel Items - Hostel Inventory will be tracked item wise, bed, table, chairs etc..,
    18 Inventory 1. Vendor - This feature allows user to add vendor by mentioning PAN number, mobile number, email, and VAT number, and address.
2. Item - Items will be listed with item name, description of item, quantity in hand, quantity in request, item type, category, item nature and price per unit.
3. Quotations - This feature allows user to create quotation against requested inventory items or required inventory items to vendors by mentioning request date, quantity, expected cost, once quotation is raised the status will be pending, and should send quotation actions dropdown, once quotation sent to vendor by selecting vendor name, the status will be quotation sent. Now click receive quotation from action dropdown by mentioning vendor and quoted unit cost and comments. This feature allows user to view the quotation received approve quotations, receive inventory items, and pay amount
4. Sales - Sales by Class Items, and class items sale - Where you can capture information like Item Name, Sale Quantity, Unit Price, Total Amount, Issued on.
4. Sale Student Wise - This feature captures information that items sold to student or parents.
5. Employee Sale - This feature captures information related to the materials supplied to or sold to staff.
6. Campus Item Details - This feature captures Item Name, Sale Quantity, Unit Price, Total Amount and Issued Date. It will deinfed based on the  classification items related to the campus.
7. Consumption - Consumption details will be captured here by Staff and students.
8. Student Orders - Student can buy items classified for daily purposes. Small Ecommerce platform for students. This similar feature is also available in parent app - Where they could select the items that they have to buy from school on requirement basis.
9. Supply Paid Orders - This feature captures student name, product name, no. of items, amount, Order Status. Provides receipts for already paid and order supplied.
10. Payment Vouchers for all expenses can be tracked here in the Inventory Module.
    19 Global Inputs 1. Blood Group -
2. Mother Tounge
3. Nationality
4. Qualification
5. Roles
6. Caste
7. Religion
8. Categories
9. Holidays
10. Source of Enquiry
11. Donations
12. Job Postings

Note: All the above provides the insitution with basic inputs of entire students, teachers, parents, staff and other stake holders in the institution.
    20 Reports Staff Attendance-Day wise,Month wise
Students Attendance-Day wise,Peroid wise and Monthly
Student Health Report-Capture Height,weight Monthly or quarterly basis
Student Admission Reports-Class wise,Section wise
Student Enquiry Reports
Student Follwup reprots
Student Counseling reports
Student Life Cycle reports(Right from Enquiry to admision)
Students Exam Wise Reports
Initution wise reports
Inventory Reports
Leave Reports
Library Reports
Quotation Wise Reports
Sales - Students, Employee and By campus wise reports
Staff Reports
Transport Reports
Vendor Payment Reports
Student Fees Reports - For entire academic Year
Staff Concession Reports
Petty Cash Report

The system will generate more than 500+ reports as per the selection criteria provided in the reports section.
    21 Gallery 1.Upload Images on the erp and view on the Parent app Sizes restriction.
2. Event Videos Uploads
    22 Events 1. Events Creation Category Wise
2. Event Registration for Students
3. Events Notification for Parents
4. Event Certificate Template define

Once event is created let it be for campus drives, admissions, seminars, workshops, parent meets, anniversaies, sports days, etc.., All the information related this event management can tracked using this platform.
    23 Catering Daily updates to parents on food menu given to students - This will also track meals, daily commodities used, weekly food
menu, food approval list from the management. 
    24 Front Office Later Drops and Early Pick Up of Students to the Institution and house will be tracked by Front Office
Visitor Monitoring - Visitors information will be tracked on a daily basis - Creates an ID with Photo Capturing Capabilities and explaining whom he came to meet, purpose of visit, in-time and out-time. If the person did left the institution it will raise red flags even after the institution is closed.
    25 Teacher Web portal Capture Class attendance,Create assignments,Update Assignements, etc
    26 Parent Web portal Parents Portal provides information related to school policies, dashboard of their child performance, Profile Updates with Health Monioring Updates, Academic Year Activity Information like Holidays, Timetable, Daily Dairy, Attendance, Leave Management, News Letters, Progress Regports Cards and School Calendar.
Fees - Parents can Fee Summary, Fee and Due Report, Fee Transactions Receipts, - Integration of Payment Gateway is also enabled.
Supply - Parents will have information what they bought and received based on the orders and supplies.
Others- Parents will get information about the food being served to their kids in the institute as well in hostel on regular basis.
Contact - Parents can login to contact mentor contacts.
Notifications - It provides parents with information like ciruclars, upcoming activities, time table reminders, etc.., 
    27 Communication Fees Payements Alerts
Attendacne Alerts
Examinaton -Progress card Alerts
SMS Alerts
Email Tracking
    28 ID Card Generation Define Template
Print Template
    29 Wishes This feature gives students list irrespective of class who has their birthday nearby current date to make wish for them directly from dashboard 
    30 Parent App All inclusive parents app will be provided
    31 Teachers App Functionality of Teacher Web Portal and Teacher App features are same. Not Much of a Change.