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Mobile APP Development

Redefine customer experience
With just one app

Grab the opportunity to engage customers in ways that matter and on a platform that impacts millions of people every day. Get an app for your business with our mobile app development services and give your audience a way to communicate with you directly in real-time.

Wondering how your business can grab the eyeballs? We say, “There is an app for that”, and this time it is not any random catchphrase being thrown at you. We mean every word of it. Let us break it down for you. Mobile apps consume half of the time spent on digital media and 90% of that is spent on apps. That makes 45% of the total time spent on digital media. We bet there is no better way than having an app that would give your business direct access to a wide audience. The added advantage of analytics can make your audience tracking easy and help you in a great way to understand their interaction patterns. Therefore it is a fact that mobile application has a dominant role in spearheading your marketing strategy in the ever-expanding and highly fragmented digital space. It all boils down to how you can make your app stand out in the cluttered mobile app market. Here is where, VaayujaInfotech, the most reliable mobile app developers, steps in to create a cohesive customer journey to give your users an engaging and experience-driven domain.

We specialize in developing apps for the following niches

  • Fin-tech
  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Tourism
  • Real-estate
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Business Listing
  • Content Streaming

iOS Apps

Our team of experts is at the helm to provide you with the most reliable app combined with incredible user experience. The end product would be one sophisticated application to give your users seamless access and incredible user interface.

Technologies we use include
  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • Apple Xcode IDE
  • SQLite Database
  • Human Interface Guidelines.
Android Apps

We develop apps for all Android suite smartphones like Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, and HTC. We focus on developing apps that can run across different screens. Despite challenges that arise by virtue of diversity in Android applications, our team of experts is well equipped to provide end to end solutions.

Technologies we use include
  • Android Studio
  • JAVA programming language
  • Kotlin
  • API implementations
  • Cloud server deployment.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps demand command over multiple technologies and so the challenges are many. And as an experienced Mobile app development company, we have a team of technicians that has all the expertise to overcome the hurdles. We are experienced in developing lucrative apps that work across various devices and operating systems in the least budget possible. And automation comes easy with our unique tools.


In a place cluttered with apps for every other task, there should be one quality that can make your app stand out. People stick around apps that they find useful and not every feature gets the user's attention. With our innovative design, we can make your app indispensable to your users. Easy to navigate and informative features will simply motivate them to learn more about the app and achieve a higher churn rate. Yes, people have short attention spans and our apps are designed just to let them have a glance of what all they are looking for in that time without eating on their patience.

Fast loading time

We design consistent and high-performance apps that have loading times less than 5 seconds. Apps that constantly freeze can give the run for your money. Be it after the launch of the app or for individual sessions our experts can find out the errors and correct them. Coding issues apart, our designers have ways with designing to create a perception of responsiveness to overcome issues like slow internet connection and give users a feeling of fast mobile experience.


Maximum usability with minimum interaction is what good design can do to an app.Users do not like to get lost in the maze of features when they look for something. Ease of surfing and effortless access are the principles we work on to keep the app simple. Having said that we do not believe in simplicity rendered by removing choices or cutting down color palette.It is an intuitive technique that extends to the root value of the app.

Responsive design for varying screen sizes

Different gadgets come with different screen sizes and users may carry more than one at a time. For your users to have uninterrupted access to your app across the gadgets it should be compatible with every screen size. Our experts are adept at incorporating responsive app design into your app to give them a seamless mobile experience.

Feedback system

If you want an app that satisfies the need of the user than design something which you think might work, then having an appropriate feedback system for the app is a must. Build a two-way communication channel with your customers with a good feedback system to understand their app usage behavior and build personal relations simultaneously. Taking feedback makes users valued as their opinion is taken into consideration.