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Web Development

Make the first impression first
With thoughtfully designed websites

A creative and interactive website, an essential thing you need to take your business a notch above your competitors. Take a dig into our process while our team juggles with a whole range of modern web development languages including PHP, Laravel, HTML5/CSS3, Java Script, Angular JS, Node.js, jQuery and Bootstrap.

If you think your business is doing quite well and it doesn't need any website, then you are probably living under a rock. Websites are touchpoints of a good marketing strategy that can generate business, promote goodwill and are torchbearers of your branding game plan. Indeed in the age of social media and mobile apps websites role in achieving the reachability has changed, only to complement them. When you can showcase your products and services on Social Media without having to invest in expertise, websites give your enterprise an edge over your competitors who do not have one. Complement your online presence with skillfully designed websites to give your business the much-needed credibility and professional outlook. At Vaayuja you can avail exceptional web development services that can make your experience effortless.

This is how we do it
We consider your business our business

We begin with assessing your current technical environment, your business needs, and your audience. We engage with all your stakeholders and tech experts to integrate your needs with the tech aspects of your website. Our goal is to dissect your website into its nuts and bolts, diagnose it to understand how we can fix it to enable your website to enhance the user experience, generate leads, and improve user experience.

We do not do 'fire and forget' projects

It is all rigorous and you can find us working with you all along your entrepreneurial journey because we do not believe in leaving the baby at your doorstep.

We do not design, we plan websites

Websites are not just a bunch of pages put together. Users simply do not come to your website to get information. They seek assurance from your website that his purchase would be worth his money and time. Though words and images to a certain extent provide them with that confidence, the way they are engaged with the website is what determines his experience. Here at Vaayuja, you can get a good website with strategically planned content to let your website spell the magic.

We deliver a complete website solution

Coding, design combined with alluring storytelling is the concoction we use to make your website visually appealing and mentally captivating, a.k.a beauties with brains. Definitely, our website design and development strategy is more than your mundane digital blueprint and you cannot ask for more. We work on features that the site will need so that we can place any new developments appropriately.

We are suckers for QA

We check your website for all the errors and loopholes against 100 checkpoints. Our dedicated team is on a constant lookout and your website is quarantined continuously even before it goes live.

The compelling features you can get from the our designing process

Mobile optimized

Devices to access websites change with technological innovation. Therefore it is an absolute necessity that websites are mobile friendly and mobile optimized. It increases your site's mobile web performance by making things easier to access. Mobile friendly websites lend your business credibility as people are likely to trust sites that can be accessed from multiple screens enabling an optimal experience for them.


Not all users are equally equipped to access websites. Accessibility by specially abled people is one factor which search engines take into account while ranking a website. Following web accessibility guidelines gives your website a much needed (expanse) of the audience. Simple design techniques like on-screen readers, audio descriptions, speech to text conversion can make web experience pleasant for anyone who visits the site.

Clean SEO friendly code

It is a huge mistake to assume that SEO happens only after the website is built. It should be done right from the stage of coding. Improper code can effect entire website's SEO. Code that sustains the design requirement along with that of optimization can go a long way in building longlasting websites.


Compatibility of a website with different devices, operating systems and browsers is of immense importance as a website which can be accessed from any device irrespective of the software installed on it, gives the user a great experience across the platforms. A web structure that is highly flexible with a responsive design is developed to make content to automatically resize and reshuffle.

Effective Security

Website security is of utmost importance as a huge amount of data is stored in the website. Websites utilize SSL/HTTPS to secure sensitive data. We follow best practices of site maintenance for processing transaction even for those which do not process sensitive data. It is always preferable to include security features during the development stage as cleanup can cost more than protection. Tracking(Analytics)

Having tracking or analytics features goes a long way in securing a larger audience and expanding your business. These features give reports on how your visitors behave, you get to know your visitors well and enhance user experience. Analytics can give you insights into most visits, average duration, bounce rates for the individual pages for better engagement. With analytics, track your e-commerce metric and utilize them to improve your sales.

Effective Navigation

A user comes to your website to get the information about the service or product they are looking for. Understanding how your website works is least on their mind. A website with good navigation design makes users comfortable with your webpages and encourages them to visit your site time and again. Additionally it works well with SEO as websites with good navigation help them crawl properly and index them.

Good error handling

Websites supported with code that is resilient to errors and that is easy to debug are developed by our expert coders to keep your site free from frequent crashes. We develop smart code that can deal with things which unexpectedly go wrong and make users experience error free.

Information architecture

Well laid information is the backbone for the users' onscreen experience. It takes into account context, content and users when organizing and labelling the information on website. It helps users make sense of information present on the website and enhance their overall experience.